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The Cable Display Offers Different Styles of Mounting!

The cable display allows a wide array of different components to be combined so businesses can make the perfect promotional unit for their needs. The cable system is typically used by retail stores, real estate agencies, hotel lobbies, information centres, and many other businesses. The fixed cable mount, cable display offers different units, just as dual-grip holders, acrylic frames, cable display kits, and mountable standoffs to provide customers with multiple options.

The cable system standoffs are durable units that will last in a business for years to come.The cable system, also known as hanging window displays, and cable display kits, include standoffs that be installed onto most signs. These standoffs come in both through and edge-grip styles. Through style cable system standoffs require a hole to be drilled through the signage material. The stand offs hold signage of varying thicknesses and materials, such as acrylic, wood, metal, or even stone. Edge grip standoffs do not require holes to be drilled through signage materials, as they attach to the sides of your signage. A set screw is used to securely hold the sign in place. All these standoffs fit on different sizes of materials, the most important aspect is the thickness of your signage materials.

These hanging window displays also include a variety of accessories for floor-to-ceiling systems. The available stainless steel cable is 4 meters long, and can be cut to the required length. Each end has attachments to securely screw into the ceiling and floor. The signage attachments for the window systems include different holders for the signage. The wire grip holders have set screws that ensure your sign stays in place. Another set screw is used to keep the standoff attached to the wire. In addition to the hanging window displays that use set screws, there is also a standoff available that screws directly into your signage. This standoff can be used on light boxes, wood, and other signs to create an intriguing display to look at. Most of these accessories are made out of 30 stainless steel.

Vision Display offers these durable products to businesses that wish to stand out from the competition. The wire system components on this page help create unique presentations that draw customers’ attention.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm
Cable / Fittings

VC1500, VC1501, VC1525, VC1526


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